The International Mediation Centre

IMC | The International Mediation Centre

The International Mediation Centre constitutes a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is available for all entrepreneurs.

Mediation offered by our Centre is a way to reconcile the conflicting interests out of court.

Why mediation?

  • Mediation is an effective alternative dispute resolution method out of court,
  • A settlement agreement in mediation can have the effect of a court judgment,
  • You save time and money,
  • You maintain your business relationship and have the chance to continue working together,
  • Unlike a court trial, parties in mediation are not “adversaries” but “partners”,
  • You introduce the highest standards in business,
  • “Win-win” situation which is a solution satisfactory to both parties,
  • In mediation you have an 80% chance of success and of solving the conflict out of court.

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The International Mediation Centre is open to work with all international institutions which support entrepreneurs and foreign trade in Poland, as well as regional and industry chambers of commerce which represent entrepreneurs from various regions and industries in Poland.

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