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International Mediation Centre

The International Mediation Centre constitutes a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is available for all entrepreneurs.

Mediation offered by our Centre is a way to reconcile the conflicting interests out of court.

Within IMC:

  • almost all types of conflicts can be resolved through mediation
  • mediation is extremely cost-effective – about 10 times cheaper than a lengthy court process.
  • the time taken to conduct mediation is a maximum of a few weeks.

A unique feature of MCM is the possibility of mediation in many languages, both locally and internationally, and the full support of the founding chambers in contacts with international counterparties.

For Members of the Founding Chambers the MCM offers special mediation rates (price list)

How to become a member?

Our Mission

Facilitating entrepreneurs attending business in Poland and the introduction and promotion of the highest standards of non-judicial dispute resolution in the business.

Our Aim

Resolving business disputes through mediation, with the participation of independent, professional mediator, the mediation can take place in different languages appropriate for the business.

IMC Initiator and Coordinator / IMC Advisory Board

Dr Ewelina Stobiecka

IMC Initiator and General Secretary / IMC Advisory Board

Aleksandra Gąsowska

IMC Council

Elisabetta Caprino​

Italian Chamber of Commerce / La Camera di Commercio e dell’Industria Italiana in Polonia (CCIIP)

Joanna Jaroch-Pszeniczna​

French Polish Chamber of Commerce / Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie France Pologne (CCIFP)

Jakub Piegat

British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC )

Zuzanna Gołębiewska

Polish Spanish Chamber of Commerce / Camara de Comercio Polaco - Espanola (PHIG)

Magdalena Leo

Belgian Business Chamber (BBC)

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