Mediation within company

International Mediation Centre

The International Mediation Centre offers entrepreneurs help in effective inter-company dispute resolution.

A rational approach towards disputes which arise within a company may not only create a company’s added value but also prevent such negative issues as a fall in turnover, liquidation, hostile takeover, negative company image in the eyes of public opinion, contractors and employees, which are often the aftermath of such conflicts.

In-house mediation can be related to disputes amongst a company’s internal bodies, including i.e.:
– members of the management board,
– shareholders,
– supervisory bodies and the management board,
– company’s bodies and trade unions,
– directors and high level managers,
– teams responsible for particular key areas in a company.

If you need to analyse a difficult situation within your company give us a call and arrange a consultation meeting with the International Mediation Centre coordinator, Ewelina Stobiecka, PhD (mobile No: +48 669 73 79 79).

We will answer all your questions related to in-house mediation.

Reacting at a very early-stage in a crisis situation in your company with the assistance of a professional mediator will allow you to manage a conflict effectively.

The International Mediation Centre has a team of highly qualified inter-company mediators and partners who specialise in conflict management.

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