International Mediation Centre

Initial fee: 2,500 PLN net,

which includes:

  • case registration,
  • initial analysis of the reported case, including review of available documents,
  • contacts with the parties aimed at initiating appropriate mediation proceedings,
  • information about mediation and the proceedings,
  • recommendation of a mediator.

Mediation: PLN 4,000 net,

which includes:

  • mediation session of one mediator up to 4 hours,
  • joint and/or individual sessions,
  • provision of the room(s) necessary to conduct the mediation proceedings in the premises of one of the international chambers (in the case of member companies),
  • assistance in drafting the settlement agreement,
  • support for approval of the agreement in court.

Fees for mediation proceedings expressed in this price list are increased by 15% in the case of mediations conducted for companies not associated in any of the international chambers of commerce forming the International Mediation Centre.

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Additional costs (optional)

Should it be necessary to carry out additional analyses of materials and documentation necessary to commence mediation proceedings, or to prepare opinions of independent experts, the resulting costs shall be borne by the parties to the mediation proceedings according to the advisers’ and experts’ rates. In the event that additional costs arise, they shall be borne by the party or parties requesting the activities generating the costs.

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