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Międzynarodowe Centrum Mediacji

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Mediation is an alternative, time-and-money-saving method of resolving business disputes, which allows parties to mutually resolve their problem. Mediation often gives entrepreneurs the chance to continue cooperating in their business, as opposed to court trials where a hostile, adversarial approach is more usual. With mediation, the parties are not adversaries but partners seeking to achieve a joint agreement. Solution reached in a mediation must be satisfying for both parties: it’s a case of looking for the classic "win-win" situation.
The ability to reach an agreement through mediation is also an expression of the highest standards in business.

IMC | International Mediation Centre

The International Mediation Centre constitutes a platform for out-of-court dispute resolution, which is available for all entrepreneurs.
Mediation offered by our Centre is a way to reconcile the conflicting interests out of court. Through mediation almost all conflicts can be solved.
Professional mediation centres give 80% likelihood to the conflicted parties to reach a successful conclusion.
Mediation consumes approx. 10 times cheaper than long drawn out court trials. An average mediation proceeding lasts a maximum of a couple of weeks.
The unique feature of the IMC is the opportunity to conduct a mediation proceeding in many languages both on a national and international level.

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The International Mediation Centre is open to work with all international institutions which support entrepreneurs and foreign trade in Poland, as well as regional and industry chambers of commerce which represent entrepreneurs from various regions and industries in Poland.

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